Curriculum Vitae


Karin Nijssen (1961) has, since 1986, been involved in execution of clinical trials and has participated as a team member in many clinical trials as well as studies with medical devices. During her education as medical microbiological analyst she was already working as an ECG analyst.

The obtained knowledge of the ECG was very useful in her future position as CRA and project leader cardiology.

Furthermore, Karin Nijssen as CRA and project manager participated in clinical research in various fields such as dermatology, psychiatry, vaccination.

The membership of the Quality Assurance Group, overseeing all clinical studies within a university hospital, has further increased the expertise of good clinical practice. Also the training of large groups of assistants in the field of ICH-Information and implementation of clinical research was part of her work.

In the past 22 years she has worked for the pharmaceutical industry, CRO’s and a university hospital. In 2008 she has set up her own company, Passion4projects.

Passion stands for the involvement and commitment for the setting up and follow-up of projects and the training of the study team.

She spends her free time on horse riding, a passion that she shares with her son.


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